Sunday, September 10, 2017

Take a Peek at our Week September 3rd - 9th

Fall is here! I don't care what the calendar says, when it is in the 40's in the morning, it's fall, y'all. Unfortunately with the weather change, the "crud" has invaded our home. I am not sure if it is a cold thing or allergies (which I have never had before.) No matter what it is, it has nailed three out of the four of us. *sigh*

The critters are feeling the weather change as well. Our flock is beginning to molt, with Ester being hit hard. She is a fast molter which means she drops feathers at an alarming rate. Poor old girl is so frazzled looking and spends her days hiding in the bushes because I honestly believe she is embarrassed by her current state of undress.

Fall also means fundraiser time. We recently had our 4-H club bake sale which is always fun. I love getting to watch the oldest country kid learn to engage and interact with people. Alas, it's also fundraising time for our school band. I really don't like the door to door selling they want the kids to do, but alas, it's part of being in the band.

So what made me smile this week?

The littlest country kid is proud as a peacock over his little pumpkin he grew from a seed. It's starting to turn orange and he insisted I take a photo of him with it. He really likes his pumpkin!

"I've fallen and I can't get up!" Just kidding, she was sun bathing but since she is molting hard and laying there all sprawled, the first thing I thought of was the Life Alert commercial. Worst chicken mom ever, right here LOL

Painting rocks, hiding them, and looking for rocks I guess is a thing these days and the country kids are all about it. So as a family we painted rocks for them to hide the next time we go for a walk. I of course had to make a tiny chick on one of the four I made. Does anyone else do this rock thing? Is this just a local fad? I'm so clueless about the whole thing but if my kids want to hang out and paint rocks, I'm game.

Why a picture of yarn in a bag? Because my day started with a text from hubby that he accidentally threw away a bag of yarn and project he has been working on. It was trash pick up day. Guess who got to go dumpster diving at dawn? Okay it was just a trash can, but ewwww! Best wife ever, right here!

Time to get down and get dirty! Group dust bath time! Everyone into the dirt..........

Knocked out a few more rocks for the country kids to hide. Hubby was surprised I could paint on such small rocks. Gee, it's all I had so I had to make em work! These are about the size of my thumb tip.

The littlest country kid hurt his toe jumping rope barefoot. Yes, barefoot on concert cause country kids go barefoot. He was down in the dumps, so I grabbed some markers and turned his frown upside down. Through tears he looked at his toe and began to smile. He giggled when I kissed his toe friend.

When your chicken is molting hard and you find her tail in the yard.

The elusive yard rabbit.... Yes, there is a bunny in this photo. 10 points if you can spot her!

Sweatpants and flip flops.... When you're just not ready to give up summer but it's chilly

Heading out for the morning shifts.... Ever since Lily got a taste of freedom, when the oldest country kid forgot to lock her pen, she has been given the privilege of free ranging with the flock during the day (since she is easy to catch, though it would be nice if she would put herself to bed like the chickens.) I made her a makeshift ramp so she can easily come and go to her food and water as needed during the day. Hop on Ms Lily, there is a yard to be sat in!

The ducklings are almost as big as Baby Girl (the one with blue on her wing) and they need to find a new home, like yesterday! So if you would like to own a piece of the (mis)Adventures, e-mail me and they could be yours! FOR FREE as long as you don't eat them. I know for sure at least one is a female (I suspect 2 and 2 on the sex.) Take one, take em all, but please, just take em. LOL Seriously, if your local and want ducks, message me. I would even be willing to drive and meet someone within a reasonable distance to find these sweet things a good home. We live between Lansing and Battle Creek, Michigan

Finished our shift manning our 4H bake sale booth. The oldest country kid is becoming quite the salesman. If you walked past our booth, he would be on you like white on rice. LOL Not a single person made it passed without him chatting them up.

The oldest country kid is in band. He started public school mid-year last year and decided to join band. He pick up the baritone so stinking fast and seems to really enjoy being a part of it all. Now that school is back in, it is time for the band fundraiser. I know as a parent I groaned. LOL But it's part of the whole band experience. If you would like to support him and our middle school band just follow the link. They really do have something for everyone. I was amazed at the WIDE variety of products that you can buy. Not just magazines and cookie dough….. home decor, jewelry, gadgets, blah blah, blah.
Check it out here 

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. LOVE that you boy is in band!
    And one of your painted rocks looks just like our big lazy St. Bernard!

    1. I had fun paiting that dog rock. I just looked at it and saw puppy face :)