Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos July 30th - August 5th

This week the littlest country kid got to go to school as part of their LEAP into kindergarten program and he loved it! He got to see all his old preschool pals, learn how to get around the school building, use the cafeteria and even got to FINALLY (his words) play on the big kid playground that he could only look at last year. LOL It really is all about the important stuff, isn't it?!?!

Our four little ducklings are all doing wonderfully. Mr Bill is being a butthead to them, but Baby Girl is one heck of a momma and does her best to run him off. She isn't real keen about us getting too close either, so we haven't really had a chance to socialize with them much, but we will!

The county fair is a week away and we have been on a crafting death march. The oldest country kid signed up to take way to many projects. They will not all get done in time, but the ones he has finished are pretty dang awesome. We will try to get a couple more done this week, but I am pooped out. Here's hoping he gets lots of blue ribbons for all of his (and my) hard work.

So what made me smile this week?

Waiting for the fireworks to start at the firemen's festival. The country kids were actually getting along!

What a great fireworks show!

I opened the shed door and found this!!!

I managed to snag a duckling from Baby Girl (and it wasn't easy!) But now I get quality fluffy cuddle time! I may be talking baby talk too. I can't help it, these ducklings are just too stinking adorable!

Glue, salt and watercolor fireworks. It was a good idea in theory LOL

Bill and Betty, not so patiently waiting for the oldest country kid to get their pool cleaned.
Nothing like having your bosses (Ummm I mean overlords) watch you while you work!

This fair project craft is recycling! The oldest country kid is making a planter out of a pop bottle.
He said since its a cat planter he wants to plant cat nip in it

The cat planter is finished! Meow!!! Now he just need to put soil and a plant in it.

Shared a turtle sundae with one handsome little man who got a new haircut today.
Of course we had to hang out with the bacon and egg!

Went to fill the chicken waterer.... hose sprayer might have been pointed the wrong direction. Would love to say this is the first time this has happened... but sadly not. I really need to pull it together and pay better attention.

This handsome fella stopped by to say good morning. What a cheerful way to start the day!
Don't tell Mr Bill I was eyeballing another handsome feathered stud muffin. *wink*

My humming bird feed took a tinkle on the porch railing. These little ants are acting like they found the fountain of youth. It's getting a little out of hand. More and more keep showing up. I don't have a problem with insects but this ain't Woodstock! Time to hose off the porch rail, gently, as to not harm the masses.

Multimedia art fair project. The oldest country kid used watercolor, acrylic, paper, fabric, and a googly eye.
He was strangely excited by the googly. LOL Hey, what ever it takes to make ya happy!

I might have gotten a little silly this week making this video! LOL

Did head count before locking up for the night and I slipped the ducklings some yummy bed time nibbles. Too bad they don't trust me any more then Baby Girl does. LOL Look at those adorable little faces shooting me adult sized stink eye! We are going to have to round them up, bring them in the house, and cuddle them! At least then they will have a reason to give me stink eye......

My hubby and I have been married 14 years and in that time he has only given me flowers maybe twice. So when I strolled in from grocery shopping with this rose he started asking where it came from. I told the truth, someone at the grocery store gave it to me. He demanded to know who. I loved watching him get a little jealous and had to giggle when I reveled it was the FEMALE cashier. The elderly lady in front of me was admiring them at the end of the checkout and told us how her departed hubby used to always give her pink roses and I said how lucky she was because mine doesn't give me flowers, so the cashier gave us each one! The look on my hubby's face before I told him was priceless. Nice to know he still cares!

I had to have a little talk with Wanda about being a lady, because her posture has gone to crap, and she looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Look, Quasimodo, head up, tail out, and work it, girl! Actually she was just trying to cool herself by holding her wings out, but still, she should do it with style!

Mr Bill is being a jerk because he is having "guy needs" and Baby Girl doesn't want to "help him out." He keeps running over and grabbing the ducklings trying to lead her away from them. Now imagine my crazy butt chasing after him with a pool noodle to make him drop the baby. Oh yeah, haven’t brushed my hair, no bra, and a neon green pool noodle. Unhand (or should I say unbill) them ducklings, sir! Stupid horney duck......

See this handsome guy next to me? It was his birthday!!! I managed to find someone to watch the country kids and I took him out for a nice, quiet dinner. I even dressed like a girl so we could go somewhere nice if he wants! Happy birthday to my wonderful hubby. Here's to another 44 years! Of course by then we will probably both be in adult diapers and I'll be tucking my boobs in my waistband

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Great pics, as usual!! The first one of both boys is priceless! And LOVE your sense of humor!! Dona

    1. It is rare they can be that close and not kill each other, but smiles? What!!!! LOL

  2. You always make me laugh. I love your photo commentaries.
    :) gwingal