Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos August 6th - 12th

Fall is coming! How do I know? The county fair has started, that's how! For us the county fair mean the end of summer, one last hurrah. Both the country kids entered projects in the county fair and I am looking forward to a week of critters, carnival rides and elephant ears.

This past week has been busy finishing up all the oldest country kid's fair projects. Our little over achiever took 31 projects this year! Judging was yesterday and he did great. We are still waiting for the littlest country kid's projects to be judged.

With the fair in full swing this week, that means back to school shopping is coming. I am not homeschooling either of the boys this year. It worked for us for awhile, and I am not saying we won't ever go back to it, but the littlest country kid loved preschool and all the friends he made. And the oldest country kid enjoyed finishing out fifth grade in public school. He and I just needed to take a break and get away from each other. Spending 24/7 with someone can really cause a strain on any relationship.

So what made me smile this week?

Heidi the homestead hound and I were the first ones up (of course) so after doing the morning chores, we got to have some quiet, quality girl time. Well until she wanted to play fetch with her toys. A thundering dog zipping through the house is a sure way to wake everyone! *sigh* So much for girl time.

Anyone want to guess what we are up to? Yup, we made candles! The whole family is working together to get this project done. Both the country kids will be entering one in the county fair next week! I'm excited because they are going to smell like sugared vanilla, the projects, not the country kids

Poor Ms Ratty Rat, her home is being taken over by the oldest country kid's fair projects. Once we get them tagged he needs to get them off her pen and into his done tote. There are 7 projects in this photos. He isn't just putting things on top of her pen, but in front of it too. See his step stool he refinished leaning on her window? I know there is a rat in there somewhere! Poor Ratty Rat.

You can tell it's fair week crunch time because there are half finished craft projects all over my house!
These will end up being pumpkins.

Just hanging out, having some fun, getting ready for kindergarten in a few weeks.
I can not believe my baby is going to kindergarten soon.....

Breakfast is served! Belly up to the bowl little ones.

The oldest country kid, sporting his sewing project for the fair that he just finished. It's a cool tie. It's filled with water absorbing polymer crystals! They absorb 450x their weight in water. You soak it and then wear it to cool off as the water wicks away! Thanks Tasty Worms Nutrition Inc. for the crystals!!!

With just 2 more days till fair, he is still plugged away. We can add rock collection to the done pile! I just did a count of his projects and it looks like he will be taking 31 to the county fair on Saturday. The littlest country kid is taking 3. I am officially taking tomorrow off from projects and then Friday the baking begins. *falls over exhausted* The country kids showing at the fair is a lot of work on the mama. Thankfully I've finished matting, framing, fill out tags, and for the most part have everything boxed up and ready to roll.

When you forget to take a basket to the coop, your shirt will just have to do. Thanks ladies for the breakfast haul.

Two weeks old already! The fabulous four are getting bigger. We brought them all in for some "human time" and they were none too please. So much like their mama.... trying to nip and chest bump us. It's cute when they do it, cause they are so little, not so much when Baby Girl does. How can something so cute be filled with such rage!?!

This is the oldest country kid's refinishing project he is taking to the fair on Saturday. I found this step stool tossed out and he turned it into a thing of beauty. Can't wait to see how he does with it at the fair. The before and after are just so dramatic!

Opened the shed to let everyone out for the day, put out food and water, turned around and saw this!!! Seriously girls!?!?! Get out of my chair!!! Can't keep the country kids out of it and now this. *sigh* I get no respect...

*falls over exhausted* Today was baking day for the oldest country kid for the fair tomorrow. I supervised him making brownies, French bread, and decorated cupcakes with homemade butter cream frosting. These are his sunny side up egg cupcakes! I am so glad all 31 of his projects are now done, tagged, and packed up to go.

While I am glad you two are enjoying a romantic evening stroll, it IS time for bed. Now if you would just turn to your right and proceed to the shed, that would be great. You don't have to go to sleep but ya do have to go in, cause I wanna go to sleep. Seriously, march you two…. Go…. Come on…. Oh for the love of…. *sigh* Just like trying to get the country kids to go to bed…..

Getting stink eye from the oldest country kid at judging at the fair. 

Someone is excited to be entering the fair for the first time!

To view all of the oldest country kid's fair projects and see how he did, check out our 

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Busy! Busy! Busy!
    Refinished step stool looks great!
    I hope they did well with all their projects!

    1. Lost of blue ribbons and a few special awards!

  2. I remember those days! My kids were in 4-H and always had lots of projects to enter in the fair. In one way I miss it and another way...not so much! :)

    1. I love that they get to accomplish things, I dislike the panic of the week before LOL

  3. It's been a while, a long while since we went to the county fair! Hope you all have a great time!