Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos August 20th - 26th

The county fair is over and the country kids are already planning projects for next year. Meanwhile, this mama is making plans for the start of school! The backpacks are filled and linged up by the door, ready for little minds to learn great things. Okay, maybe mama's just excited about the silence! Yeah, I might be little too excited. LOL

Hubby was on vacation this week. Of course we can't afford to go anywhere and wouldn't think of leaving our critters unattended, so we did a few day trips and traveled the world by eating meals from forgein countries. We have done Egypetion, Indian, and Italian and have plans to do Polish and Austrailian recipes next week even though hubby will be back to work. We had to give the country kids a break every other night as they weren't used to such a varied meals. LOL

So what made me smile this week?

We traveled back in time on a steam train ride!

We visited a brewery, sipping root bear, and listening to Irish music.

This little pumpkin is the littlest country kid's dream come true! From a desire in his heart to planting a seed.... from a seedling transplanted to the garden, to fighting of the wild bunnies..... he did it, he grew his first ever pumpkin! Now to see how big it gets!

We went old school for the eclipse with a pair of cereal box pin hole cameras for the country kids. Not only am I too cheap to buy glasses, but I'm that mean mom who thinks her kids should have to utilize the same technology I did as a kid to view eclipse. Nothing like tin foil and a knockoff fruit loops box! My kiddos will remember this day not for the eclipse, but the fact mama made them stare into a box. LOL

Egyption Koshary, it's whats for diner! (Recipe will be coming to the blog soon!)

Mom says I have the prettiest eyelashes in the world. My mom is smart. I am a very handsome boy.
That's why I get to sit on the loveseat, cause she loves me!

Some nights can last forever but provide little sleep. Yes, I'm in this photo too, under the blanket being squished by Heidi the homestead hound and Nate. I guess their dislike of thunderstorms out weighed their dislike for each other!

Attended the littlest country kid's school open house. School starts on Monday!!!!!! Yeah, I'm a little excited!

Gnocchi with with Gorganzola sauce (Recipe will be coming to the blog soon!)

I guess my offering of feed for breakfast wasn't well received because some of them followed me back to the house looking for something better. Back of people, let a woman wake up before you start demanding treats.

Green beans at sunrise..... Time to get picking..... 

Hour 37 (or at least it felt like it) at the kid's museum. Why did I agree to bring the littlest country kid?!?!
I'm not getting out of here alive, am I? Well at least not with my sanity intact.

Molting season is upon us! Buffy started a few days ago and now Ester has started. She always molts fast and hard. I'm taking bets on when she will be completely naked. Poor old grandma. Her days will be filled with sneaking through the bushes, hiding her shame. Yes, chickens get embarrassed too.

How do you finish off the perfect summer night? Cuddling a duckling!
The littlest country kid had to make sure duckling smiled for the camera.

We were at Potter Park Zoo for the oldest country kid's autism program, FALCONERS. Today we got to dissect owl pellets. The kids had a great time and the oldest is now the proud owner of a bag of tiny bones he plans to articulate. Yup, who needs an x box when you have a bag of bones!

I looked out the window and saw the most bizarre thing going on in our yard….. Imagine a bullseye target. The chickens were all standing in a circle looking in towards and empty spot in the yard. The three adult ducks were just inside of them, walking clockwise around the empty spot in the yard. I watched for a minute as the ducks just kept pacing in a circle, and realized something was up and went to investigate. That’s when I spotted a little garter snake all reared up in the center of the chaos. I think one of the chickens had pecked it and ticked it off. Hubby came to the rescue, relocating the snake out of harm’s way, so the flock could calm the heck down. It is one of the oddest spectacles I have ever seen in my life. Not sure if the flock was protecting the ducklings by circling the snake or if the ducks were protecting the snake from being eaten by the chickens!

Lucky little snake!

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Maggie (my cat, who was sitting on my desk) and I enjoyed this weeks pics so much! Hooray for the pumpkin! Growing his own jack-o-lantern? So, how about a post of all the fair projects and if they got a prize or two?? Dona

    1. I did do a post about the fair! Here ya go The littles country kid got 3 blue ribbons on his projects too!

  2. I love steam train rides and it looked like everyone had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your week with us at #overthemoon link party and have a lovely day.

    1. I love the smell of a steam train. I might be a little wierd, but I also like the smell of gun powder LOL

  3. Sounds and looks like a great week! I'd love a steam engine train ride! and that littlest country kid is just adorable! I laughed at the chickens following you up the steps. And the snake charmers?! haha
    :) gwingal

  4. Awww, super sweet photos. They are precious.

  5. That is an amazing pumpkin. I am glad the wild bunnies didn't get it.