Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos July 23rd - 29th

Where do I even start?!?! This week has been crazy busy with so many changes. We are getting close to the county fair next month and the oldest country kid is on a crafting death march. This week we had so many club meetings to do projects and worked on so many at home that if I never see art supplies again, I don't think I would miss them! LOL Just kidding, we are having a blast but still have so many projects to finish up still.

The nest of duck eggs that Baby Girl was sitting on finally hatched this week. We had a couple eggs that were touch and go, but I am happy to announce that all four eggs hatched and the fabulous four are doing great. How can you not smile when you see adorable balls of fluff waddling across the yard?!?

So what made me smile this week?

I slept in. I had to, I was exhausted. My body woke at 5:40 am and my brain said "Are you crazy?!?! Go back to sleep!" So I did. When I woke again everyone else was up and the shed was open, kinda. I asked who had taken care of the critters and hubby said the littlest country kid. While he does help me every morning, he needs to be supervised and helped with pen latches. I told him opening the shed alone was slightly above the littlest country kid's pay grade and went to check his work. While he didn't/couldn't feed and water the rabbits because of pen latches, he did feed the shit out of the chickens! Somewhere in this picture, buried under overflowing chicken feed is their bowl Good try little man, good try. Now to work on portion control!

Chives, tasty and pretty!

The oldest country kid finished his water color painting and this acrylic painting. Two more projects for the fair are done and now we are off to do bisque ceramics. I'll be so glad when fair is over. I'm getting crafted out. 

Here she is, the light Brahma the oldest country kid painted. Another fair project in the done pile!
Only a million more to finish......

Do you believe in miracles? Cause something amazing is happening right under this duck. Baby Girl has an egg under her that was damaged. It looks like a chicken pecked it. This happened over two weeks ago. I decided to leave the egg in the nest. I don't know why, normally you toss a damaged egg because the break in the shell lets in bacteria and well, they don't develop. I've checked that damage egg a couple times in the past two week and it appeared to be developing but I never saw movement, till tonight! I saw a little duckling bill IN the air sack, opening and closing!!! Where there is a will, there is a way, and this little one has amazing will. That egg should have never developed, let alone be on the brink of hatching.... I'm in awe... fingers crossed for this little underdog of a duckling.

Out weeding our over grown garden ..... yippee!!! Our first tomatoes!!!
Guess I should weed more often because I found peppers too!

Chicken yoga, it's the newest backyard craze in proper poultry physical fitness! Simply flop and stretch. Heck, even I can do this. To be honest, Fifi is just sun bathing. A girl has got to get her rays!

We had a little egg incident as the eggs began to pip that called for emergency measures. You can read all about Saran Wrap the duckling HERE. His shell got broken and I put a Saran Wrap "bandaid" on because he had already pipped and I didn't want to loose him in the time it takes for him to finish hatching. I was excited after the drama that this little one made it till morning and was making progress on hatching! 

I transferred the image to wood and now the oldest country kid had to get to work. This is going to take some time.....

Okay, so Baby Girl has four eggs, all pipped. Two eggs are "special" at this point. I already posted that Saran Wrap was still doing good this morning, but check this little one out! This is Crack Head. About two weeks ago Buffy, our alpha hen pecked its egg, damaging it. Well look who is going to be first to hatch! Go Crack Head!!! Push little one, push!

Took a flashlight with me at lock up time so I could check on Baby Girl and the fabulous four.... Everyone is all dried out and fluffed up. The cuteness is overwhelming! Baby Girl is doing a wonderful job with her new little family.

When you are half asleep and stumble into the bathroom.... "Good morning. I see you like to hang out in the bathroom too." Seriously, someday I will have this room to myself. But for today, I will just reach over and pet him so he will stop staring at me.....

"Pardon me, mom. Do you have any treats in your pocket?" Ummm, maybe.
Please don't peck my ankles and I swear they are yours!

Baby Girl has taken the fabulous four out for their first walk about.

Snuggle close, little ones.... Sweet ducky dreams.....

Get out there and strut your stuff!!

Awwwww Is it just me or is the cuteness level here just off the charts?!?!

Remember that beautiful wood burning project the oldest country kid has been working on for fair? But this is a photo of a carpet you say. A damaged carpet to boot. I wait 14 YEARS to buy new area rugs for our home.... 14 YEARS!!! Like my new rug? Do ya? I'll just let you guess who might have burned my rug. Go ahead, take a guess! 14 YEARS, people!!!! *sigh* And this folks is why mama never has anything nice. Luckily hubby walked into the house before more than the carpet caught fire. I was seriously pissed. I cried. I yelled. I was not at my best. But, it could have been so much worse, and I am thankful. Who knows, maybe in another 14 years I'll have saved up enough to buy a new rug..... that my future grandchildren can destroy.

Baby Girl and the fabulous four are off on another adventure.

Join us on a sneak through the bushes looking for ducklings!

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Girl! I've been gone house sitting for a month, then off to New Mexico to visit my niece with my other niece who came to I've been missing you! LOVE these pics and your Fab Four are too precious!! Excuse me, now, I'm going to go check on the Saran Wrap saga!! So glad to be back in your life!! Dona

    1. I have just gotten back into the swing of writting again the last couple weeks so you haven't missed much LOL

  2. I love your pictures! The babies are adorable! As a mom I feel your pain about the rug. I swear anything I love will get destroyed or damaged in some way at some point. It never fails.

    1. I am over the burnt rug. It is what it is and every time I see it it just makes me thankful that nothing more happened.