Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos July 16th - 22nd

The weather is kicking my butt, but the garden is loving the heat and humidity! I really need to get out there and do some weeding because everything is growing like crazy and I am sure there are veggies in there, somewhere! LOL I have been keeping up with the watering and I live smelling all the herbs each morning, now I just have to go find them in all the over growth that is supposedly my garden/

It's been another week of working on fair projects for the oldest country kid. He went to my folk's for a few days to work on woodworking and refinishing projects with my dad.

I have broody poultry everywhere. Cinder continued to make a futile bid for motherhood this week. And then when presented with chicks she retaught the whole plan and ran for the hills. She has officially given up on sitting on things... for now. Baby Girl continues her vigil with four eggs still under her. Last check we have three that are showing movement. I am thinking we are getting close to hatching this week!

The full bloom of summer is hear and I am in heaven! The day lilies, tiger lilies, cone flowers, asters, Rose of Sharon, hastas, etc are making our yard a dream of color. The roadsides are decorated in Queen Ann's lace and I look forward to getting my flower press made to I can preserve some of these beauties.

So what made me smile this week?

This is one of the ladybugs we released almost a month ago. Nice to see they are sticking around. Hubby told me he saw two of them doing the ditty on his car the other day. LOL Guess that means they are really happy here and reproducing! So glad we decided to release ladybugs on our property. Now stop having sex on my hubby's car and go eat them aphids my beauties!

My Rose of Sharrons are blooming!

Just last night I was thinking about Baby Girl, sitting on her nest, and how she really needed to get up, stretch her legs and get something to eat. Well this morning she did just that, all on her own. As she was out taking a bath I quickly took a peek in her nest before she came back and bit the heck out of me. She has 5 eggs.... 1 is cracked *pout*, 1 was just there, I can't tell either way, and THREE of them had movement!!! See that green arrow in the photo? It is pointing to a baby duckling foot. Seriously! I just stood there watching this little one kick its foot inside it shell. Some times my life is so cool it hurts.

The oldest country kid and I made some amazing blueberry jam! It was for a canning project he is doing for the fair next month. They all sealed in the water bath but one.... oh darn, guess we will just have to eat it first *wink* He only needs two jars for his project so we have a bunch just for us! And just to prove we are not amazing beyond belief, I did burn my thumb with hot blueberry as we were putting the jam into jars, but better me than him. 

When you are trying to take product photos with your poultry model but her big fluffy butt just wants to eat everything and won't turn around. *sigh* Time to regroup and rethink. It didn't help they were attacking the bags trying to rip them open for all that lovely goodness..... Yeah, this stuff is that good!

While I'm busy burning the midnight oil on a new blog post, Heidi the homestead hound is keeping herself entertained by playing twister on the couch......

Morning rush hour homestead style! LOL As soon as that door opens everyone is off in their own direction. Ducks to the pool, chickens to their favorite spots. There are feathers to preen and bugs to eat, so get out there and make it a great day everyone! 

So THAT'S where all my darn eggs have been going! Sneaky buggers decided to lay in a pet carrier I had out in the shed..... They have a freakin nest box! It has wonderful wood shavings and lovely smelling herbs in it!! Disobedient little snots......

Well hello there, little pumpkin! The littlest country kid REALLY wanted to grow pumpkins this year. He planted a bunch of seeds and ended up with 12 plants. The wild bunnies took their toll, even with our garden being fenced in. Those dirty little nibblers just waited till the plants spread out through the fence and nibbled them. *sigh* But we have a couple plants left and they are doing great. Here’s hoping the littlest country kid gets at least one nice pumpkin for all his hard work!

The littlest country kid wanted to go swimming and since the oldest country kid is at my parent's, I ask Fifi to be on lifeguard duty this afternoon. When I checked on her, I found her all sacked out working on her tan! Seriously!?! Chickens do not make good lifeguards.....

Cinder has been getting broody, again. I blame Baby Girl and her nest she is sitting on. But since we have no rooster, Cinder has no chance. She started getting very aggressive, puffing up, and growling at us. A friend had a surprise hatching, so we put Cinder in a carrier and headed to make her dream of motherhood come true! Very quickly after we gave her two beautiful new chicks, she looked at me and I swear she said "What the hell are those and what do I do with them?!?" Try as I might, she wanted NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to do with them. You can't say I didn't try my hardest for her. *sigh* Ungrateful hen! The babies are back with their real mom and Cinder is happily roosting back in our shed. Chicken drama.....

Some women start their day with makeup and heals. My life is not that glamours. I start my day with a hose, brush, and dirty duck pool. There is nothing like the smell to wake you up. And that folks is why I don't drink coffee, cause the best part of waking up is stinky duck in your cup. LOL

So what do toilet bowl cleaner and blue-kote have to do with each other?!?! Oh I'm gonna tell ya! A friend brought over a hen who had a bloody comb from being pecked on by her other hens so I could put some blue-kote on it. Well my can lost its mind, not sure if it was clogged or what, but it started going EVERYWHERE. I was covered all the way up to my elbow. As I ran into the house to get to the bathroom I was turning purple. I dropped the can in the sink, where it continued to leak. Now my sink was purple! We all know that purple is my favorite color, but this was ridiculous! As I grabbed the soap and scrubbed for dear life I realized the sink was more important. Now if you have never used "the works" it is some strong stuff! It once ate through our carpet. So I started squeezing it into the sink, and blessed be, it worked! That's when I decided to pour some on me. And it worked!!! I wasn't purple anymore!!! Of course I was then covered in caustic chemicals and had to soap up repeatedly. I am glad to report the chicken is fine, my sink is beautiful, and my skin, though slightly dried out is barely got any purple left. All in all, a good day!

Well hello there little cabbage!

My hastas are blooming!!! I apologize to any of my neighbors who may have driven by while I was doing my happy dance. It was over the top and probably not pretty, but hey, I just gotta be me

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Love your posts! It's so fun to see what goes on with all you creatures...oh and your family too!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about your family adventures. So much fun! Thank you for sharing a little part of your life with us!

  3. Fun days on the farm! Love your photos. They make me smile.
    :) gwingal

    1. So glad I can bring a little joy to others

  4. What a busy life! :) Fun and work combined. Good to see your post today.

  5. It's so fun to read about someone who is happy with their lot in life!

    1. I think people could be happy no matter where they are in life if they just take the time to be aware of all the wonderful moments in it.