Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos April 16th - 22nd

Spring is HERE! Windows down and radio up, singing country songs with the country kids on the way to and from school.... Does life get any better then that!?!? Okay, I was the only one singing and they were kind of slinging towards the floor, but it was glorious!

With the weather turning nice came lots of time to hang out with our critter friends. We did have rain and my dryer broke the same day, which was a bummer because I couldn't hang the clothes out to finish drying, but we survived and the dryer was quickly fix the next day.

Our seeds are starting to come up in our trays. The littlest country kid's pumpkins are so far the most prolific with 7 out of 8 sprouting. Now to figure out where to put his little patch.

So what made me smile this week?

My friend's chick wasn't too happy with me after I got done bandaging her foot. Not sure what she did to it but I didn't feel any breaks. But at least she now has a pretty purple bandage to help support what is most likely a sprain.

My friend's little pullet I bandaged up is doing better! She actually left the coop and is hardly limping!

Our beautifly colored Easter eggs. The country kids did a great job!

See this!?!?! They are occupying the same space and they are smiling!?!?! If I could afford that swing, it would so be in the backyard right now, because moments like this just do NOT happen with these two, like ever!

 the oldest country kid called from school because he has silly putty stuck in his hair!! Yes, yes he did!!! Bwaa haa haa OMG!!! I couldn't stop laughing. I am the worst mama ever. The whole time I was working on his hair I just giggled. We tried conditioner, which helped a little, then someone suggested peanut butter, which luckily they had some and 30 minutes later he no longer looks like this. To add insult to injury, I made him hug me before I let him go back to class.

There is nothing like cuddling a duck like a baby to just make the stress of the day melt away...... 

Beautiful forsythia. I love the way the sunlight makes it glow.

Not sure exactly what the oldest country kid was up to, but I think he might have been trying to show some of the girls the yoga moves he learned this weekend. We don't need no goat yoga, we have poultry yoga!

"What cha mean it's bed time!?!?" Yup, I get the same response from the country kids, Wanda.
Sorry but like I told them, it is PAST your bed time. 

I know she isn't as full and fabulous as Buffy, but for an older lady, Ester still has some junk in her trunk!
To us older ladies with full fannies, may we always rock!

Duck pool cleaning day! They were over joyed, so much so, Baby Girl didn't even let
me finish filling it before she was all up in it. I love happy ducks.

I am beyond geeked! Look!! I totally taught myself how to crochet a magic circle. This is the beginning of a whole new world. I am on a mission to make a chicken! Of course I am, I mean come on, I'm me! What else would I make?!?!

The country life, it's all about making new friends. The littlest country kid wanted to keep Mr. Frog, so I had to explain how we let things be wild and free, cause that's just how we treat nature. He gentle put him by the base of a tree and said his good byes and told Mr. Frog he hoped to see him again someday. Yup, this one has a good heart.

Why do I bother making sure they have a clean waterer, filled with lovely fresh water? I looked out the window and saw this! Cinder drinking out of a tree root knot. LOL I guess rain water tasted better or something..... Silly hen.....

Last year I planted some hostas. The ducks trampled them with their big floppy feet. The chickens pecked them with their pointy beaks. Those poor hostas didn’t have a chance. I figured I would have to re plant that area this spring, but look!!! They came back! They survived!!! *squeals of joy* Spring is amazing.

I was letting Heidi the homestead hound into the house when I saw two robins whippen a squirrel’s @ss in a tree. Well of course I had to go get a closer look, because it was nothing short of the throw down of the century. Poor squirrel was just trying to get on the neighbor's roof and here these birds were taking no prisoners. And then I spotted the issue. Squirrel, you climbed up the wrong tree! I know these two robins, they nest with us every year and have gotten after me before. I didn't know they were back. I felt so bad for the squirrel. The nest is right out the back door and I am debating if I should tell the country kids before or after they are attacked to be careful. I mean I could use a good giggle! 

That awkward moment when you realize you and your human match. Someone needs to go change. It’s too early for these kinds of shenanigans! Guess they didn’t communicate about their outfit beforehand. 

When hubby and the oldest country kid go mushroom hunting, we go ice cream hunting!
And of course we found some! This kid loves him some ice cream! And I love making him happy. 

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Found you on #InspireMeMonday link party. Enjoyed your photos.

    1. So glad to be found. Welcome to the adventures!

  2. So many fun photos.... and words. So many memories... and a laughing mom is special... helps those other times when there is nothing to laugh about! Have a good week. :)

    1. Laugh or cry, I prefer to giggle. I look forward to someday looking back on these posts when the boys are grown and passing them on to them as treasures.

  3. Hostas are stupid resilient. I would like to get rid of a lot of mine. They are EVERYWHERE. Please, take them. I'm sure shipping a bunch of plants to Michigan wouldn't cost much. ;) ha ha ha

    1. I love hostas. Our yard is pretty shady in most spots, so very little grows there

    2. It seems like most people like them. I'm just weird. :P

  4. Silly putty in the hair? Oh my! I would have had a hard time not laughing too. Glad the peanut butter worked, but not surprised since is works well with gum. Enjoyed the post! Have a great week!

    1. I giggled all the way tot he school, while cleaning him up, and all the way home.

  5. Those eggs were so beautiful! Also how the heck did he get silly putty stuck in his hair?! I'm glad you found a way to get it out. Thanks for sharing on the #WasteLessWednesday Blog hop

    1. He had it in his hand and then rested his head on his hand to listen to his teacher. Time plus heat.... LOL