Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos March 5th - 11th

Last week I did my first ever poultry workshop at a local feed store. I had a BLAST!!! It was so fun meeting new folks and sharing my knowledge with others. I can't wait to do another one.

We have had some drama in the coop as the peeking order seems to be shifting. Last years chicks are now full grown ladies and they are not putting up with being bullied by the older woman. They used to have their spot on the lower roost, but they are making a move for higher rank in the flock and on the roosts.

We had a massive windstorm this week as well. It got a little scary, but luckily we sustain no real damage (and there was a lot of it around us.) We were also lucky as we had boiled our sap the day before the winds, so when our collection buckets went flying down the road, we didn't really lose anything!

So what made me smile this week?

I did my first poultry workshop! Here is everything set up and ready for the guests.
Fifi kept an eye on everything for me.

How cool is this!!!! She came just to she little ol me! I was ticked beyond belief.

After getting to be my feathered side kick at my workshop, Fifi might have become a legend in her own mind.... She had the audacity (Buffy's words, not mine) to park her feathered rump on the TOP roost at bed time. I don't know who she thinks she is, but according to Ester and Buffy, she is getting a little too big for her own fluffy britches!

Breakfast is ready!

"Mom, why are the big girl picking on me?" Well Fifi, you tried to mess with the pecking order, plain and simple. While Buffy may let it slide a bit that you parked your bum on the top roost, Ester is too old and set in her ways to let something like that slide. You might have let your little field trip to the feed store go to your head. Just saying. There is nothing wrong with ambition, but tact is an important element in moving up in the world (or the coop.) If you want to be an Alpha hen some day, you better learn some tact. No one like a pushy broad.

This maple syrup better taste damn good, cause I'm limping something awful. I dropped a cinder block on my foot while tending the fire in the evaporator. Stupid sugaring season. But I love me some maple syrup!

So I finally made something with my new found crochet skills.... a mini blanket for Ms Ratty Rat!
She is unsure of this odd addition to her home.

Mr. Bill gave me an ear full about the food. They were hiding inside because we had wind advisories, so they were missing out on bugs that they normal free range for. He said I need to bring them some special treats for the feed bowl. I informed him that while the chickens might blow away, he is a Rouen, which is a heavy bread of duck and I highly doubted he would blow away. Be blown into a fence maybe, but not up and over it. Go find your own insects, fat boy!

Saw the best vanity plate! LOL

Went with the littlest country kid on his preschool zoo field trip. My foot that I dropped the cinder block on hates me for it, but so glad I went. He said the rhino was his favorite. Sorry buddy, the chickens refuse to share the critter shed with something that makes poo larger then they are. 

This came down in the wind storm the other day. Darn woodpeckers! I just can't seem to bring myself to throw it in the brush pile because for some reason I love the look of it. I know, I'm weird. Now I'm trying to think of what it could become because I really want to keep it.

Betty and Mr Bill are out doing yard inspection.

Everyone is snuggled in for the night... together... on the top roost!?!?
Well except Cinder who sleeps by herself on a shelf. 

This folks is what weeks of collecting and boiling are all about. Look at the color of that Maple syrup! 

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Hold on a minute. Are you telling me you took Fifi to a store and she just hung out with you? Outside of the carrier? I know they are your pets, a store? With lots of people? If you say it's so, I'll believe it! And you most definitely are NOT weird for keeping that piece of wood! It's unique! My daughter is the one that's weird. She'd look at me funny for keeping it. Another great week! Thanks for sharing! Dona

    1. Seriously, she worked the crowd for me while I talked! She also pooped on the floor, but since it was a feed store, no one batted an eye lash. LOL Fifi LOVES people.

  2. Looks like there is drama in the hen house! I have always wanted to have chickens but we have to travel for work too much. I'll live my chicken dreams vicariously through your blog I again lol! We live over by Lake Odessa and were without power for four days after the wind storm. Luckily we had no damage unlike others around the state. We have had such a mild winter until we lost power for days then it decides to act like winter again. Crazy Michigan weather!!

    1. The snow this morning can kiss my hind end. You had your chance winter, now be gone. LOL

  3. Thank you so much for linking at #overthemoon! I look forward to seeing what you share every week. Please come back for #WonderfulWednesday or #ThursdayFavoriteThings. Don't forget to comment your link #'s so I can be sure to visit and you get a chance to be featured! Pinned and shared.

  4. Chickens are so funny about where they sleep! That first picture with Fifi on the stool is fantastic, btw. ha ha ha! What a good little helper.

    1. She was awesome but she let it go to her head.

  5. We are thinking about getting our second batch of chickens, I'm afraid that there will be a pecking order established. So far our girls seem to get along ok. Thanks for sharing on the #wastelesswednesday blog hop!

    1. There will be a little drama but they will work it out. Your older girls will put the younger ones in there place. I promise it will all work itself out :)