Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Week of Homestead Photos November 13th - 19th

So glad this week is in the history books! LOL The attitudes from the country kids has been EPIC. Like, who the H E double toothpicks are these kids!?!?! Luckily by the weekend they were both managing to pull it together.

We had an oops in the animal department. Here is hoping we DON'T have any new babies around here next month. Just look at the photos, the whole sorted episode is there. Feel free to laugh. I should have doubled checked. I am slipping in my old age!

We have gone from lovely fall days to creepy fog around our neck of the woods. And yesterday, we had SNOW. Thankfully it didn't stick to bad. I love snow, just hate the cold!

So what made me smile this week?

You know the saying "No good dead goes unpunished." This is a tale of just that....... Long story short.... We had gotten another female bunny this spring so Lily would have a friend. This week the oldest country kid and I clean out a big pen for them to share this winter., so they could have companionship and share boy heat. Turns out, the second bunny isn't a female like my hubby thought. LOL We might be expecting bunnies in December. *face palm*

"MOM, I'm kinda busy here!!!!" Sorry Fifi, I was just going to get everyone else's eggs out of your way but if you want to sit on all of them while you lay, you go for it.......

All the little birds are deeply perplex by the new phenomenon of the closed shed doors and their inability to steal chicken food. They tried to corner Fifi at the duck pool this morning to get her to divulge the secret of how everyone keeps getting in the shed, but she refused to tell them about the pop door. Good girl, Fifi, good girl.

So how do you celebrate a great day of homeschooling? Yes, I said we had a great day!!! Well if you are the oldest country kid, you don a Christmas duck hat and quack your brains out. And if you are me, laying on the couch, taking a break, you roll with it (and click a picture, of course!)

Ever heard of goosing someone? Baby Girl was trying out her version on poor Fifi. Yes, poor Fifi got goosed by a duck!

Do you keep going (and hope there are no zombies) or turn around and run like heck? 

The chickens started music lessons this week. They are very enthusiastic (as long as there are treats on the keys LOL)

Always on duty. Always on guard. Mr. Bill - The man, The duck, The legend. I love this handsome guy. Look at his colors and that sexy curl in his tale. I see why Betty is so smitten!!

Lily just chillin in her new mega pen. She is such a pretty girl. Fingers crossed she is NOT expecting. I can not believe that Layla (they were gonna share the mega pen) turned out to be Larry..... Never a dull moment around here.

"Excuse me mom, but might you have any treats!?!?!"

Cold but happy country kids decorating Christmas trees at the zoo's autism program. We made ornaments and then got to put them on the tree dedicated to the program!

The oldest country kid made the Christmas tree and yours truly rocked out the giraffe!

Every year our family picks a project that will help make the world better in some small way. Last year (with your help) we managed to purchase enough insulation for farmers who were living in their barn, to finish that project and stay warm in the harsh Michigan winter!

This year we picked something a little closer to home.... The zoo that puts on the autism program the oldest country kid has participated in at the zoo. This program is put on FREE of charge to the families whose children are on the spectrum. FREE!!! Nothing is free any more, right!?!?

We noticed the keepers had an Enrichment Wish Tree up, full of items to improve the lives of the critters. The program has been such a gift and now we want to give some gifts back!

Please at least take the time to read our GoFundMe. If you are moved to give, THANK YOU. Even if you can't afford to give, please share. This project means a lot to us (and I am sure the keepers will be tickled when we take them a crude load of their wish items! Not to mention the happy critters who will also be on the receiving end of this gift) so even if you can't afford to help, please consider sharing our campaign with others!

Thank you all so much. Let's knock this out of the park like we did last year! Donate HERE!

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Great photos, love the chicken's music learning. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

    1. Don't expect any concerts any time soon LOL