Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Week of Homestead Photos November 6th - 12th

It has been another LOOOONG week here on our little homestead. The littlest country kid was sent home with a fever on Monday and never did make it back to preschool this week due to a terrible cough. Of course homeschooling is a lot harder when you'er being constantly interrupted because someone doesn't feel good and wants a hug every 10 minutes. Poor little guy.....

The temps have taken a turn for the worst, dropping into the 20's at night. I feel the pressure to get everything done before the snow flies. We are knocking of the to-do list, but I feel so behind after my surgery.

So what made me smile this week?

Day light savings time.....Even with an extra hour of sleep, Nate still looks surly in the morning. 

Ester always has a problem with the waxy coating of her new feathers not coming off when she molts. Grumpy Goldie used to groom her and help her get them off. I worried about Ester since Goldie's passing. Well I caught Buffy grooming Ester!!! Awww, not only has Buffy become the new alpha, she is filling ALL the roles Goldie used to, including grooming a friend in need. Friendship folks, that's what we all need. So sweet.

Maybe it's just me.... Yes, Halloween is over, but that does NOT mean the Christmas season has begun. What about Thanksgiving people!?!?! Seriously, poor Thanksgiving is treated like an ugly step child these days. I'll take pumpkins over Christmas lights just a little longer.

It was a little foggy one morning on our way to preschool. Like waiting for zombies to come out of the mist calling for brains. Just kidding, it was creepy but beautiful. Not fun to drive in, but beautiful with the morning sun.

I went, I voted, I felt dirty. LOL Just kidding. Only time will tell how big a hand basket we will go to hell in. I used to look forward to voting. Not this time. But as a responsible adult, I did my part. I can be proud I voted my conscience, not for who I hated the least.

"I swear, mom, it wasn't me." Sure, Heidi the homestead hound... sure. See I talked to the cats and they aren't claiming responsibility, and well I HIGHLY doubt the country kids were chewing up paper towels in the back room. Just saying, when it come to eating things out of the trash, your kinda my go to suspect.

Just a goat.... scratching its bum. How can you not smile at that?!?!

I went out to collect eggs and Mr. Bill was sleeping, standing up, as only a good guard duck will do. I had my camera with me so I zoomed WAY in and if you notice, he is so watching me! LOL He may have tucked himself in for a nap but he is totally alert as to what is going on in HIS yard. Mr. Bill, good looking and vigilant. 

Ms. Ester is our oldest hen. Since her BFF Goldie passed this summer, she tends to be a loner, spending most of her day parked under a bush. When you're older I guess you have earned that right to park your butt under a bush if you want. It was so nice to see her out and about the othermorning, instead of under her bush. She may be older, but time has not taken a toll on her beauty. Though I do miss her beautiful greenish/blue eggs. We don't get many anymore.

I don't know about where you live, but here in my part of Michigan we have been dropping down into the 20's at night. Brrrrr! I'm just going to keep staring at this photo and pretend like it isn't happening. LOL Warm, happy thoughts..... Warm, happy thoughts.....

Mr. Bill..... Handsome, considerate, and always on duty. Some days I feel kind of bad that he is the only guy in a sea of women. I hear the women folk quacking and cackling outback sometimes. I wonder if he ever wishes he had a buddy to go get the duck equivalent of a beer with?

Nate left me a gift. Lucky for me, I didn't step on it on the way to the bathroom. Not sure if Nate actually killed it or if it died from being slobbered on. With the cold temps, these buggers are trying to move in. Thankfully Nate is on the job!

This spring we replaced a few wall boards on our critter shed (where the rabbits, ducks, and chickens live.) The walls had gotten holes from wood rot in areas and in order to keep our critters safe, it had to be done. We didn't want any predators (like weasels) getting in. Yesterday morning when I went out to let everyone out for the day and it was in the 20's I realized... One of the boards we replaced had contained the pop door and we never put the pop door back in. What's a pop door? A small door that allows the critters access. Why is it important? Because in the winter you can't go leaving the doors wide open or all your heat escapes! So we set about to put a new pop door on the shed. I would say my simple design, and hubby and I tag teaming the project, led to a very nice, dare I say fancy (well for us) new pop door! When I went to lock up , all the chickens were already in bed and the ducks only hesitated for a second before scrambling inside. Not bad success for under $10!!!!

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. All your pics made me smile this week...well except for the mouse. But the portrait of Ester is gorgeous! I've never noticed those long feathers at her neck! And standing in all those fall leaves....absolutely frame-worthy!! Dona

    1. I swear her neck feathers came in longer after her molt this year :)

  2. love all the great pictures I did have to take a double on the goose or duck picture. I thought it had no head lol, just my eyesight. THanks for taking us into your world
    come see us at

    1. LOL Yes, ducks tuck their beak under their wing when they nap :)

  3. Looks like another great week...almost...had by all :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  4. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. See you next week! Pinned and tweeted,

  5. I love farms in the fall! We have a lone male bird who looks just like Mr Bill - and he too is stuck in a flock of 16 chickens and ducks. They'll have to get together for a bowl of mealworms lol. Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!:)

    1. Bill is more of a grub kind of guy LOL I'll provide the treats :)