Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Week of Homestead Photos October 16th - 22nd

It has been a long, full of activities, not a lot of blogging kind of week. Sometimes you just have to walk away from the computer and embrace life! That was this week for me.

The littlest country kid went on his first field trip to the pumpkin patch. Both boys and I went to an orchard that had a play area. The marching bad played a Beetles tribute concert. Heidi the homestead hound and I had some girls time out. Just lots of busy stuff.

And while I didn't write any new blogs this week, I had the time of my life. I think disconnecting has refueled me and I am ready to jump back in to life and blogging with both feet.

So what made me smile this week?

Do not stop your vehicle for chickens crossing the road because they will totally jump you if you stop. The road crossing thing is a total rues. The poor littlest country kid barely made it out alive and with any popcorn! 

Heidi the homestead hound and I had a girls day (okay hour) out at Family Farm and Home. She was HIGHLY impressed with their toy section, but went for a pork chew treat in the end.

It's beginning to look a lot like Fall, every where you go. This photo does not do justice to the beautiful colors in the morning sun. I just love me some Fall, ya'll.

The girls are not to sure about this whole "wake up with a kiss" method the littlest country kid tried on them.

Not sure what died (I promise I did NOT take out the oldest country kid LOL) but it must have been something BIG by the large amount of vultures circling..... This was only a small section of the sky. Wonder if Hitchcock's The Birds is about to go down.

Not sure what type of fungi it is, but it sure is pretty!

A boy and his Charlie Brown pumpkin.

 The littlest country kid's true personality shines through at the pumpkin patch!

Heidi the homestead hound  has to give the yard one last look over as I tuck everyone into the shed.

The high school band came to the elementary to play a Beetles tribute concert! It was so fun. The littlest country kid had a blast.

Someone (Buffy) decided she was molting too slowly, so she kicked it into high gear and there are feathers EVERYWHERE.

"Hey lady! Turn that light back off! We are trying to roost here ya know." Wanda can be a little bossy at bed time.

Mother Nature is laying down a beautiful blanket of leaves. I love Fall.

Check out the blue on Mr. Bill's wing! I my be bias, but he is one GOOD looking duck. Yup, totally smitten with this guy.

Those eyes.... That's how his daddy got me.... those eyes.......

Went to one of those farm play land places today with the country kids as part of a homeschooling field trip. I don't care for large groups of people I don't know, so I just hung out with these ladies. Best company ever, well as long as I kept the feed coming. LOL

Bonfire on a fall night.... Magical.

Pure happiness......

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. That Wanda is a beautiful chicken! I love her look �� Thank you for sharing some moments from your life. - Rheta

  2. So nice to "check out" from some of our daily chores from time to time - sure did enjoy your pictures on Face Book this week and your littlest country kid has the best facial expressions!! So much personality there!

  3. HAHA...your animals are always so cute!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  4. We've had a couple of weeks like that. Too busy living life to find time to blog about it! As usual, thanks for the humor and sharing on the Homesteader Hop. :)

    1. It is always good to put "real" life first!

  5. Some days you really do have to just step away from the computer and really enjoy life!! I love fall too - definitely my favourite season. It's looking beautiful in your corner of the world! Love the photos - especially your little one surrounded by chickens. Thank you so much for being a part of our Hearth and Soul community, Mindie!

    1. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I look forward each week :)

  6. I think it's important to disconnect from the technology and reconnect with our families and nature from time to time. It sort of "resets" our minds, which is especially important as bloggers. I always enjoy looking through your pictures, Mindie! I appreciate you sharing them with us at the Homestead Blog Hop. I hope we see you again this week!