Thursday, May 9, 2013

(mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop #69

Welcome to the (mis)Adventures Mondays 
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This party is a 
Rules Free Party!!!

Share anything you want!!! We love seeing what you are up to! Be it recipes, DIY, giveaways, hops, crafts, funny stories... they're all welcome here!

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This week's feature(s) is.....

Ramblings of a (Bad) Domestic Goddess

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Now Let's Party!!!!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my fresh tomato salsa. I appreciate it.

    1. It's a great, simple recipe and I love simple!

  2. Okay, thank goodness I finally figured out that this fabulous party doesn't start until Monday night. Which makes total sense and is perfectly clear...except that I haven't slept in 17 years, so very little is clear or makes sense. It's 100% NOT you, it's me. ;) Anyway. Glad I cleared that up so I could join the fun. Thank you for hosting this wonderfully welcoming party, Mindie!

    1. Haa haaa Yeah I am weird.... Monday night *wink*