Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chicken Swing Giveaway

When I asked you all over on Facebook what kinds of items you wanted to see in the Spring Fling Giveaways, you asked for it, so here it is! From Foul Play Products, it is The Chicken Swing!!! Do I deliver or what?

Our girls free range, so the idea of them becoming bored never really crossed my mind. But I know many of you do not free range, so your girls might get a little down in the dumps when it comes to extra activities to do in the run. There are just so many ways to entertain a chicken that not only stimulates them mental but also provides them with the physical activity they might not get being in a run.

When The Chicken Swing arrived, I was skeptical that I could even get a chicken on it. It swayed when hung and I though for sure it would frighten them away. I watched some of the videos on the Fowl Play Products website, and read the instructions which recommends starting your chickens on the swing when they are young. Well heck, I had some chicks in the brooder, so the next time we got them out, I gave it a try.

While both Wanda and Fifi found the "seat" comfortable and they stayed on for a bit, they were both bewildered as to why we had put them there. I tried giving them mealworm treats as they sat on the swing, but neither were interested in food. We were doing fine with them sitting on the swing till the littlest country kid tried to give them a push! *smack forehead* Neither of the girls were thrilled with the push and I had to explain to the littlest country kid that unlike his love of his swing, we were going to have to ease the girls into this new found fun.

The next day we decided to take The Chicken Swing outside and see what our big girls thought of it. It was super easy to hang, and we had it up in less then a minute! As with anything new, their interest was peeked and they came over to investigate. Once again the littlest country kid was impatient. Like I said, he LOVES to swing and just couldn't understand why the chickens weren't all over this new toy. He attempted to place Buffy and Ester on the swing and they both ran for the bushes as soon as he let go of them. Grumpy Goldie on the other hand was patient as he placed her feet on the swing.

And low and behold, we had an adult chicken on our Chicken Swing! Grumpy Goldie is five years old and while they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, it looks like you can get an old chicken to sit on a swing!!!

While none of our chickens have actually got The Chicken Swing swinging, they seem to enjoy sitting on it. Swinging is a learned thing and I think they just need more time to pick up the art of getting it moving. Lucky for you, the Foul Play Products company has some video of their chickens actually swinging.

I have left The Chicken Swing outside for the last few days, hoping one of the girls would be brave and hop up on her own, but we have been plagued by rain (they refused to come outside) and well the littlest country kid has been hovering in the yard *sigh* not giving them any peace to try it on their own. I am thinking we need to go back to training this years chicks to use it and maybe once the older girls see them on it, they too will become interested.

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  1. They get to free range occasionally

  2. Mine free range within our goat pen. We clipped their wings to keep them from getting out since our LGD isn't good with birds. They have a compost pile to play in to keep them from getting bored.

  3. My coop is empty at the moment, which makes for a sad place :( But when I had hens galore they were 'nearly free range'... they had access to the pasture during the day but had to be carefully counted and locked in the brig at dusk. Too many predators in my area to risk it, and well, I loved my chickens.

  4. Alas, no chickens till I retire. They will free range in my backyard.

  5. Thank you Mindie for all the hard work you've done on our behalf to host this wonderful Spring Fling!

    1. Your welcome! I love doing it each year :)

  6. Predators get our chickens if they free range so they have a run and to keep them entertained I try to gie them interesting food scraps.

  7. We are just getting back into this after 20 years LOL We raised chickens with our boys and now we are doing it again with our God Children. Wish my west coast Grand Babies lived closer so they could enjoy it and then I would have to go full out and buy the farm. Thanks for doing what you do.

  8. My "girls" have to stay in a run. To alleviate boredom they can climb/jump/fly to various items in the run & they have access to the compost pile.

  9. I don't have chickens since I live in town but my brother does which is why I'm entering. He raises his chickens as his pets because he doesn't eat eggs and he gets so attached to them that he can't kill them for food. He names them and plays with them and I know he would really get a kick out of the swing. His birds are free in their yard so they have a lot of space to run around and play but I think they would love something new to mess with!

  10. Our chickens have a run, but we let them free range during the day. Except on days when our neighbor's rooster makes an uninvited visit.

  11. They stay in a run, so this would help!