Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Week of Homestead Photos January 31st - February 6th

One day it is winter, the next feels like spring. Snow, mud, snow, mud. I honestly wish Mother Nature would make up her mind! At this rate I don't know if we will be able to make maple syrup this year or not. *pout*

Grumpy Goldie has been taking her meds like a champ for her "girly" infection. Who knew it would be so easy to give a chicken antibiotics with a syringe! And egg production is up this week as well. None from Goldie (she will probably never lay again) but the other hens are becoming more consistent again.

This week I have something special for you all. It isn't a photo, it is a video! I know, I know, it says a week of homestead photos, but I managed to catch Ester laying an egg and it was just too cool not to share with you all, so enjoy.

So what made me smile this week?

The littlest country kid is always "talking" to animals. Yeah, he was working his magic on the
big cats too! I don't know what he has going on, but he sure is an animal whisperer!

Betty loves eating the unfrozen grass and has been doing her laugh quack. Didn't you know,
a puddle is a ducks best friend! 

We smoked our next round of homemade bacon. There is NOTHING like homemade bacon.

Grumpy Goldie's meds are getting her back to being the grumpy chicken
we all know and love.

Lily eating breakfast, like the good bunny she is.

 It would appear Heidi the Homestead Hound ripped the head off her chicken toy. Why it was
on the stairs I have no idea. Thank goodness she didn't leave it in my bed!

Ms Betty, always makes me smile. She is my girl and I love her so.

Forgive me for I am weak. I don't get to the fabric store
very often and well.... LOL

What's cuter than cute? My friend's pile of piglets!

Measure twice, cut once, and always, ALWAYS have Heidi the Homestead Hound check your work!
Gotta love a dog nose photo bomb!!!

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Great, great pics! The piglets take my heart...we raised them when I was a kid. But Ester making breakfast takes the prize! I'm here holding my breath, then giving her encouragement, and heaving a big sigh when it was over! Way to go, girls!! Dona

    1. I am so glad Ester was so fun for you. You have no idea how long I stood there waiting and filming and waiting and filming. LOL

  2. Great pics! Especially the one of your littlest with the lion! Wow!

    1. It really was a smile-tastic week. I try to teach my children to find the happiness in the small stuff in life. Lots of littles add up to a much more enjoyable life!

  3. Thanks for bringing your photos , I do love the pigs they are so cute. Thanks for sharing on #overthemoon

    1. I love sharing and I am glad you like them. The piglets were soooo cute. We really enjoyed visiting them.