Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Week of Homestead Photos January 3rd - 9th

Winter finally decided to show up in Michigan this week. We didn't have a white Christmas, but we do have a white January, much to the delight of the country kids! The howling winds however are making enjoying the white stuff slightly miserable for both kids and critters.

We, like most of America, Have been buying a lottery ticket for the power ball. As of this morning, we are still poor. LOL But that's okay, I wouldn't know what to do with that kind of crazy money. Though the country kids have put in a request for a tree house if we should win this week. They have their priorities straight! *wink* Better then asking for electronics or something crazy, don't you think? I would have asked for a baby elephant myself. I have always wanted one! I'm just kidding about the elephant. I mean I have always wanted one, but the poo they make.... never mind!

So what made me smile this week.....

Do you see it? The chicken head? I sear if you look at it just right it looks
like a chicken head. Oh sure, it isn't Jesus or Elvis, but I still think it is pretty impressive!

Spending some quality time with a duck.
Yes, it was chilly, see those pink cheeks!

Grumpy Goldie is getting older and feels the cold weather much harder then the rest of the gang.
Time to add a little heat to the coop......
Well, well, well, look who is enjoying hanging out in the red light distract!!!!  

Did you know cats can give you dirty looks? Really then can! Just look at her!!
 Every time I flip the light on at night she  glares at me as if to say "you're up again?!?!?!"

Time for some early morning duck yoga!!!!! Stretch and bend and nibble your own butt.
Just kidding, they were attempting to take a snow bath but since there is very little snow, it just looked awkward.

I believe I can fly..... She took up position on the nest box as if she were going to take flight.
Well there may have been second thoughts running through her mind as she looked down
at the ground because she just stood there!

The oldest country didn't want to try shooting dad's new gun at the range,
but when he got home, he did want to help dad clean it!!!
Today’s lesson: responsibility and respect. 

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Yep! that's a chicken head plain as day! And yes, cat's do give dirty looks! Love the pics! Dona

    1. I am glad others see the chicken head and it wasn't just tired old me! LOL

  2. Love the pictures. We live in the Portland, Oregon area and sometimes (well maybe rarely) miss the snow since I'm from Northern Indian and my husband is from upstate New York. So thanks for sharing your snow pictures with us. Blessings.

    1. I miss the snow every summer, not LOL I love looking at it, but hate going out and taking care of critters in it.

  3. loved the pictures - snippets of your life - and Yes! I did know that cats can give evil looks - ours does it regularly when she doesn't get her own way :) thanks for sharing at our #OverTheMoon link up ~ Leanne :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos as much as I did living them :)

  4. I saw the chicken head immediately... even before reading about it. Thanks for sharing your photos at My Flagstaff Home!


  5. Thanks for stopping by the Homestead Blog Hop