Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Week of Homestead Photos January 16th - 23rd

It has been another frozen week of winter here in Michigan, but that's winter in Michigan. LOL Believe it or not the littlest country kid LOVES playing outside, even if the temps are freezing. Cold, fresh air help him sleep better too. *wink* Don't worry, I never let him stay out too long for fear of frost bite. But oh how he cries when he has to come in, even though ever exposed piece of skin is deep pink from cold.

Even though we are in the grip of winter, we are already looking towards spring. I am getting some serious chick itch and can't decide what breeds I want to add to our flock. I just hope Betty doesn't decided to try and hatch another brood of ducklings. *smacks forehead* Have you ever tried to re-home a boat load of ducks? It's not easy!

So what made me smile this week.....

Everyone gathered around the office water cooler.

Okay, I'm not smiling because the littlest country kid flushed something down
the toilet he wasn't supposed too, but I am smiling because I managed to
 remove, clear, and reset the toilet with no leaks on my first try!

Some times life isn't about fashion, it is all about silly looking warmth!

Buffy actually laid an egg IN the nest box instead of the straw bales!

Mr. Bill taking a zero degree duck bath. Check out the water freezing down his back. Tough man right there.

Grumpy Goldie giving Buffy the "OMG don't step in the snow" talk.
Chickens can be so silly about snow. Goldie decided to go back in
and left Buffy to play.

Cat yoga, because everything needs to be cleaned with the most horrible snorting, chewing sounds. LOL

While Buffy moved back to laying in the straw bales, at least she is laying.
I love fresh eggs!

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Another week of great pics! Don't blame the girls for not wanting to step in the snow! And I'm mighty proud of any woman who can take care of business! You go girl! Dona

    1. I have to take care of business. Hubby works to much to wait for him to get home. Of course I didn't really need him anyway LOL

  2. Love the pictures. I used to live in Indiana and know about snow. Kudos on fixing the toilet !!!!

  3. "The office water cooler" haha! My 2 year old is the same way. He sobs when I make him come in from the snow. I think he'd stay out there until his toes fell off if I let him!

    And those hats...I used to laugh at them, but this winter when I've been taking care of baby goats, I discovered how amazing they are! Nothing like them for warmth.

  4. Love your pics and your commentary to go with them. Mr. Bill is very strong to withstand all that frozen water. Lol, found you over at Thursday Favorite Things.

  5. Awesome job on rescuing the toilet! Thanks for linking up to Simply Natural Saturdays.

  6. Another blast from the past....and how I do enjoy revisting them! 'Specially the fashion show!! Dona

    1. Wonder why your not seeing the new ones :(