Monday, March 12, 2012

Simple Saturday Blog Hop May 3rd

Hello all my (mis)Adventures friends!!! I am so excited today because I have joined a great group of bloggers in co-hosting the Simple Saturdays Blog Hop. If you have never seen a blog hop before, it is a post party.... a place where bloggers can come and share what they have been up to. What that means to you the readers is a chance to get some great ideas and meet some wonderful new friends in cyberland. So without further ado.....

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Welcome to Simple Saturdays Blog Hop

This blog hop is brought to you by a group of wonderful co-hosts committed to the Simple way of Life and learning to be Self Reliant in all they do. Simple Saturdays Blog Hop is a way for each of us to share the various ways we are learning to be more Self Reliant in our homes and on our land. This is all about building community, learning new skills and growing more self-sufficient!
Please join us, submit YOUR Self-Reliant post (maybe even 2 or 3), browse around, visit a site or two and learn some new Simple tips or Self Reliant How'To's!

This Blog Hop is being hosted by:

What Can I Post?

Anything and everything related to a more Simple way of life OR Self Reliance....
This may include:
Homesteading, Prepping, Gardening, Cooking/recipes/food, Livestock of all varieties, Off-grid, Natural Living, Wellness/wholeness and Healthcare, Herbal, DIY & MYO!

Make sure and include either a:
1. Text link such as: I participated in Simple Saturdays Blog Hop
2. Or ADD the blog hop button below (copy/paste) with a link back to the Blog Hop.
You could also include the following button in your sidebar of your site if you like:

Simple Saturdays Blog Hop

How Can I Be a Featured Blogger?

Our featured blogger is chosen each week at random by our Co-hosts...and we hope to have YOU as our next featured blogger!
If you are selected as "Featured", make sure and grab your button (just copy/paste):

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**Please note: By linking to this Blog Hop you are giving us permission to link back to your post if you are featured. We will also include 1 photo from your post in the interest of sending visitors your way. So you don't miss a single Blog Hop, we will also add you to our e-mail reminder list. For a little extra exposure/marketing BONUS, we will also "PIN" your submissions on our PINTEREST Board! 

Congratulations to our Featured Blogger this week:


Let's get to bloggin y'all...


  1. So how do you wind up hosting a blog hop? Are you invited or???

    1. A friend of mine who co-host this hope contacted me when they were looking to add new co-hosts. I hopped this one, and liked it focus and agreed :)