Friday, August 16, 2013

Sheared Fashion

This past week was our local county fair. On one of our trips we strolled through the sheep barn. It was more fun then I could have imagined. Not because of the youngest county kid's response to seeing sheep, but because of the sheep and their, umm, couture! Yes, I mean those sheep had on clothes. After spotting the first sheep, the oldest country kid said “mom, check out that one in camo!” Ummmm, yup, sure enough, there was another sheep wearing clothes. In fact there were quite a few sheep in clothes.

As one of the young exhibitors told us when I asked about the high fashion, the sheep had just been sheared and bathed and the outfits were put on to help keep them warm. May I just point out it is AUGUST. I doubt they would freeze. Upon further investigation we learned it was to keep them CLEAN. Now that made more sense.

Now I will admit, some of these sheep look good. My favorite would have to be the shiny blue spandex. But some of these poor sheep, like the green strips and paisley…. poor sheep. You know the other sheep were picking on them! We had a great time at the "fashion show" making up stories about the all fancy sheep.

Here is the gallery of get-ups we saw..... (hope you have a good giggle like we did!)


  1. I like the wacky pattern on the lower left sheep. she's/he's super fly!

  2. I actually used to have one of those blue ones, but we added a Superman S to make him Supersheep!

  3. Very cute :) Thanks for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop!

  4. Thanks for sharing on the Creative Home & Garden Hop! Hope to see you again today...