Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Candied Rose Petals

So my climbing rose bush has really started blooming... I mean like falling over, loaded to the gills, more blooms then you can make flower arrangements out of. So I started thinking, what can I do with all these roses!?!?! Then I remembered a Victorian tea I had helped with when I worked at a museum in my WAY younger days.... candied rose petals!!!

So the oldest country kid and I went out and collected a bucket full of roses and began removing the petals. He preferred to go petal by petal but I found if you just put a light grip around the petals you can rotate and pull the stem out leaving just the petals! This made for quick work of all those roses. But then I realized I had WAY more petals then I needed to make candied rose petals so I came up with a few other things to do with them (yes I am teasing you, and I promise I will share those too, but not today.)

Once I had my petals ready to go, I mixed 1 egg white with 1 teaspoon of water to dip the petals in. Once the petals were dipped I gently ran them through two fingers to get the excess wash off. Now some people paint the petals with the egg wash, but I am not a bakery and they taste just as good, even if they are not "picture perfect." Once they have been dipped in the wash, you press them into sugar to coat both sides. Now I will warn you, you will get messy and sticky fingers, but that is part of being hands on!

After the petals have been "washed" and covered in sugar, you place them on wax paper over night to dry. And that's it! Your done! Do they taste good you ask? Did I have to beat my children off the pile of petals so I could take at least one picture!?!??! Okay I didn't have to beat them off, but they were begging like crazy for more!! These candied rose petals can be eaten alone or added to cupcakes and other deserts to add a special little someting.... heck I stuck them on the scrambled eggs this morning to to make them prettier!

**WARNING** please only use roses that you grow or you know have NOT been sprayed with insecticides. Do not use roses from a florist. As with anything you plan to ingest, know where you food come from!


  1. I did not know rose petals were edible. This looks so pretty and sounds like it is yummy too. We have a few wild rose bushes. You now have me pondering.

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    1. Ann, so nice of you to stop over! I have even more for you to ponder with roses coming up!

  2. Great tutorial!!! I was thinking about making a rose petal syrup, have you done that yet?
    Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday this week.

    1. I haven't made syrup, but I am making infused honey and looking into making an infused oil to bake with.