Thursday, May 2, 2013

Something special from Lally Broch Farms

Sonja from Lally Broch Farm
During your journey through life, sometimes you get the chance to cross paths with truly amazing people. For me, one of those people is Sonja from Lally Broch Farm. She is a kind hearted soul who is on a mission to provide sustainable food and handmade products for her family and yours.

She is a mother from Maine who uses what she has from her farm to make wonderful things like soaps and jewelry. Yes, I said jewelry from a farm. Lally Broch Farm is home to some very special hens. You see those hens lay eggs, which Sonja turns into works of art, eggshell art, like this beautiful butterfly necklace that I now call my very own.

When Sonja sent me the necklace, she had no idea just how much it meant to me. You see over 8 years ago we were expecting our first child, a little boy we named Andrew. Sadly Andrew was born silently into this world at 38 weeks. Instead of sending out birth announcements, we sent out memorials with a poem about a butterfly. Since then butterflies have a special place in my heart. But you see, Sonja didn't know any of this when she sent me the piece as a  gift, she just knew I REALLY like it, a lot!

And for me, to know that each piece of eggshell was lovingly hand placed on my new necklace instilled in it the care that makes it such a special item. Oh sure, I could have bought a butterfly necklace anywhere, but the handmade quality and beauty in Sonja’s pieces spoke to me. This butterfly necklace was the right butterfly for me and a truly special way to remember my son.

So why am I telling you all of this. Not to make you sad, not for your heart to ache for me, but to point out in this world there are still special people and special things, made with love and care. That from something as simple as an egg, beautiful pieces of art can be crafted. With those same hands she milks her goats and turns it into soaps. Sonja is one of those people who does what she does and does it well and deserves to be recognized for it. So take a minute to pop over to her etsy shop and marvel at the wonderful items this humble lady makes. Stop by her Facebook page and follow her journey. Or read her blog to learn more about the magical Lally Broch Farm!



  1. That is truly a sweet story. I cant believe that craftsmanship in her pendants. Cheers

  2. I'm so glad she sent you that necklace, Mindie. Even though I secretly wanted it for my daughter. ;) What a kind and loving tribute for you to share about it here. And Sonja's soap is the only homemade soap I've ever tried to actually lather on my hands. The stuff is amazing.

  3. Altogether lovely and touching...the woman, the story, the necklace, the writer...

  4. Meredith/GreenCircleGroveMay 9, 2013 at 11:32 AM

    Lovely post, Mindie. I'll agree with all those nice things that you said about Sonja. I'm always amazed at her creativity.Thank you for sharing this--well done!