Friday, April 5, 2013

Preparing for gardening success

I have never been a great gardener. Honestly, I am terrible at starting seeds, I rarely weed and more often then not the plants in my garden are left to fend for themselves. I am a bad, bad plant mama. This photo on the left is of the area that I call my garden. It is sad, like a plant death camp. The plants are put in there and left to their own whim. But not this year! This year will be different. Why? Because I learned a few things over the winter. I started a garden journal. I have plans and I know how to make them happen.

I started by getting great seeds from the Seeds of the Month Club. These are non GMO and the variety I receive has pushed me to think beyond corn and tomatoes. I have learned my "zone", what plants need to be started when and how to make those seeds grow and harden them off so they don't just die once I put them in the ground. I even know what my area's last frost date is!

I have read up on raised garden beds, I know what to do to my soil to make it grow things. I have purchased the lumber to build the garden area of my dreams. I have made a design that is kid friendly so my boys will join me in the garden and develop a love of growing things (and maybe just maybe they will help me take care of it.) And maybe this year will be as good as, if not MUCH better then the first garden we ever did. Cause let me tell you, between birthing children and lack of help in maintaining the plants, our gardens have steadily gone south year after year.

So do you know what the secret is to having a great garden? It can all be summed up in being prepared. If you prepare for success instead of just hoping, the world has greater potential. One of the things I did to prepare was to read everything I could. I had no clue about carrots. I kept sticking those poor plants in direct sunlight. What was I thinking!?!?! But now I know better. I know lettuce too prefers shade. So what does all this mean to you? Well decide what you want to grow, find out how to grow it and then don't just hope, be prepared to make it happen!


  1. Good luck with your garden!
    I too was a bad plant mom but have recently discovered compost and instructions on the back of packets and those plastic plants tabs!

    Fingers crossed for us (and our gardens!), this year x

  2. You'll do great! Looks like you have the planning down.

    1. Thanks! I am very excited (and your seeds are amazing!)