Saturday, December 15, 2012

When stockings go bad

I love to make things and that included our Christmas stocking. So a few years back I had picked up some stocking and put our names on them so they would all look the same. Well, then the little surprise showed up earlier this year and now he needs a stocking. No problem! I can do this again, right? WRONG.

Now that I have two kids, my patience are very thin, on everything. So when the package said “set on wool and iron for 90 seconds” I take that to mean 90 seconds. So when five minutes later the letters STILL had not transferred, well I got impatient. I bumped the iron up to cotton and, well, the smoke and smell were almost instant as the stocking melted to the iron! “MOM” my six year old yelled “you need to be patient!” Funny thing that… I tell him that all the time and yet he is the one who over the years has made me impatient.

Lucky for me I was able to scrap the stocking off of the iron and I had not spent a lot on it either. With a trip to the store the next day I set out to once again make our youngest his Christmas stocking. With the iron on wool, I took a deep breath and counted to 90. And this time, this time it worked, just like it was supposed to! I was patient. I followed directions and now my sweet baby has his very own Christmas stocking. I guess I can do it all, just kidding.

This is the (mis)Adventures after all. If every thing always went right, what would I write about!!!!

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