Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas tree "hunting"

For those of you who have a real tree, you will understand. For those of you who actually go out and cut your own tree, you will sympathize. For those of you who have a fake tree, you will just sit back and laugh.

We have for the past few years, as a family, tromped out into the “forest” and cut our own tree. It has become our new tradition. But, since we have a baby this year, I thought it best to use our fake tree so he would not be poked by any needles as he crawled around. Nope, I caved since the tree would be located in a room with a baby gate across the opening. So off we went to the “woods.”

It was cold. There had been a mix of rain and light snow earlier so it was wet too. After wondering around we finally found “the perfect tree.” The funny part of finding the tree is that it was right by our car’s bumper as we were walking BACK to the car to warm up.

Once the tree was down, we had to get it home. No problems right? The nice guy at “the forest” helped my hubby tie the tree to our car. One small problem…. We had not even gotten out of “the forest” before the tree started to slide off the roof. It seems, Mr. Tree Farmer was great at growing trees but bad at making knots!! We attempted to retie the tree but it turned out Mr. Tree Farmer was VERY good at tying knots, just not at TIGHTENING the rope before tying the knot.

What to do? Since the rope ran inside the car, I held it, tight, with my arms, all the way home. We are talking 30 minutes of holding. At points my hand would go numb! From the backseat there was a constant “mom, the tree is sliding” even though it wasn’t. It was a very long 30 minutes!

This is the first real tree that we have ever had to put protective gear on in order to handle! The thing was a “biter.” Once it the house it became a love hate relationship with the tree. Oh it was beautiful but no one wanted to get too close. There are less then 10 days till Christmas and so far the light and garland are on the tree. There are a FEW ornaments but we still have to get the rest up. I am not looking forward to trying to put ornaments on the tree wearing gloves….. I knew we should have just used the fake tree….. Stupid family traditions….. LOL


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